How to Connect Multiple Led Lights to One Switch?

LED light is a semi-conductor based electronic device that deputizes light when a sort of electrodes passes through it. These are comparatively smaller in size, energy saving and provides with multi-colors and extreme brightness. But, do you know you can save some space and energy if you know how to connect multiple LED lights to one switch?

By wiring all the lights altogether and then connecting the negative and positive energized dots opposite to each other will help you to accomplish your goal. Throughout the whole article, you will get to know about how you can connect all LED lights at a single board of switch.

Connect Multiple Led Lights to One Switch


Before bragging all the lights to a one switch board, you need to know the proper wiring techniques and considerations for a successful installation. Elaboratively we can say, you need to have some prior knowledge for precautions, safety and successful completion of the task. These are-

Ensuring safety

Safety is the crucial reason to adhere to perfect wiring techniques. Because, malfunction or wrongly settled lighting system may lead to electric shocks or unwanted hazard.


If you properly wire all the lights together on a single switch, you will be able to save a lot of energy that will reduce your electricity cost. Poor connection and incorrectly fixed wires may bring outcome like energy wastage.

Longevity of materials

The electric appliances quality leads to degraded due to unwanted voltage drop and poor connection. That’s why, knowing about how to wire the lights properly is highly needed.


A perfectly installed and wired electric system is always more reliable that does not conduct any malfunction. So, to gain this reliability, knowing about proper wiring system is a must.

Can You Connect Multiple Led Lights to One Switch?

Yes, of course. You can connect multiple LED lights to one switch. To do this, you need to wire all the positive electrodes as anode in a single nexus and the negative ones as cathode on the parallel side in a single nexus.

Then, by turning on the switch, the lights will get enough power to bestrew the brightness. The next step will arise only if the power supply of the lights is too high.

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How to Connect Multiple Led Lights to One Switch?

There are a few steps that you need to follow serially to connect multiple LED lights to one single switch. These are-

Choosing the Proper Circuit

At first, you need to identify a suitable circuit that has wiring system and a power origin which will be able to tackle the power consumption when all the LED lights will be combined.

Find a Suitable Power Outlet

To create the founding system of your power source, a wall plus can be a suitable option. If you are unable to collect one, a junction box will be the best alternative.

Check Power Requirements

Before setting the power supply needed to run the circuit and perfect sized wires, you need to analyze the power expenditure of your chosen all LED lights.

Put your LED Lights in Place

Choose a secured place of installing your LED lights. Try to make sure if the lights are accurately aligned and ascended.

Strip the Wires

You need to carefully remove a tiny section of insulation from the last corner of the power cord. You will see 2 types of colored wires there. One is in red color with a positive (+) sign and the another one is in black color with a negative (-) sign. You need to cut them off in a certain and equal length.

Choose a power source

You can use a bulwark plus or a junction box in order to power the LED lights. Just check that the power source has enough capacity to consume and bear the power consumption of your LED lights altogether.

Check the connections

After checking all the power requirements, finally, you need to wire all the lights together to the power source you have chosen. You can you 2 styles to wire the lights perfectly-

1. Parallel styled wiring

You need to wire all the positive dots together separately and negative dots separately in a parallel style. Through this procedure, every LED light wired can be controlled individually.

2. Series styled wiring

The first light’s positive wire will be connected with the second light’s negative here in this type of wiring method. Continue this procedure to all the existing lights. In this type of wiring system, all of the lights are wired in a series method. As it needs at least 2 lights for connection, so, if one fails to connect, the other or the whole connection system will face malfunction.

Secure the connection

Wear proper safety gears while doing such task if you are not comfortable doing. Electric tape reserves all the connections and keeps them secured. Moreover, Solder connecting tools keeps the wire detangled which helps to maintain safety.

Test the whole setup

Before starting to use the LED lights fully, give it a trail. Test the whole setup by switching the lights on and check if all the LED lights work properly.

Secure the wires

After wiring the lights properly, now, you can use cable clips or cable stapling to secure the wires. This will keep the wire from being torn.

Cover the junction box

If you have used a junction box for the power source, you may find that it keeps remaining exposed. Cover it as soon as possible once you are done with installation of lights.

Safety Considerations

Before working with electrical connections, such as turning off the power and using insulated tools, it is very essential to take some safety precautions. These are-

  • Turning off the connection: Before you work with any electrical device or tool, make sure you switch off the main power connection at first.
  • Using a lockout: A lockout blocks the power supply temporarily so that it can prevent any hazard.
  • Wear PPE: Use PPE and other required safety gears. These consist of eyewear like goggles and gloves etc.
  • Choose dry surface: It is strictly prohibited to work or use electrical tools in or near any wet surface. Always choose a dry place because water catches current really fast that may cause to electric shock.
  • Don’t overload the circuit: Plugging too much devices on a single circuit can overheat the circuit and burn the whole electric system. So, do not plug too many devices on a single board.
  • Follow the manual book of manufacturer’s instructions: To repair any electric device or maintain it, try to follow the specific equipment’s manual book for proper guidance and to avoid safety risk.

So, there are the safety precautions you must need to acquire before working on any electrical devices.

Importance of Choosing Correct Circuit

According to your chosen LED lights characteristics, power efficiency and brightness capability, you need to choose the best combination of circuit for them. More specifically, the reasons why you need to choose the correct circuit are-

LED Characteristics

For the appeasement operation, the LED lights contain specific voltage supply. They are either connected in series or parallel setting. In series connection, you have to choose the circuit where the voltage supply is equal to an individual LED light’s voltage.

On the other hand, in the parallel connection, you need to choose such a circuit that consists of the voltage supply of the whole LED light’s lightning system.

Voltage Drop

Sometimes, when the voltage drops, the circuit does not have enough power to back it up to keep the lights still on. So, try to choose a circuit that can do so.


The dependability of the lighting system may be traced directly back to the construction of the circuit as well as its overall quality. It is possible to increase the dependability of an electrical system by incorporating safeguards into the design of the circuit that protect against overvoltage, and other electrical faults.

Proper Control

You’ll need a circuit that allows for dimming if you want to adjust the intensity of the LEDs. The circuit needs to work with analogue dimming controls in order to be dimmable.

Provision of Current

A large shift in current can result from a relatively minor shift in voltage. Even if the voltage from the power supply fluctuates, a current-regulating circuit, like a constant current driver, can keep the current flowing steadily through the LEDs. This maintains an even glow and increases the LED’s useful life.


How do you connect multiple LED lights together?

Wiring LEDs in parallel is the standard method of connecting several lights together. This means, connect all the anodes and cathodes together. LED lights connected in this process compasses the same amount of voltage and all of them can be controlled separately.

How many lights can be connected to one switch?

We know that we can’t put too much lights in one single switch. The range of connecting LED lights to one switch are nearly 23 to 40. According to the power consumption of lights, it may vary a bit.

Can you wire LED lights in series?

Yes, of course. You can wire LED lights in series. But, experts do not recommend to connect LED lights in series style because, if one bulb defuses, the whole connection will be disbursed.

Should I Wire LEDs in Series or Parallel?

It is recommended by experts to wire all the LEDs in a parallel connection with the switch. If my priority is more brightness that I can handle with a single switch, then I should go for the parallel system.


Light load calculations, material gathering, layout planning, junction box installation, wire preparation and connection, parallel wiring of lights, connection to switch, testing of setup, securing of wires, mounting of switch, and closing of junction box are all required to connect multiple LED lights to a single switch.

I hope, with this article, you have come up to know how to connect multiple LED lights to one switch. One thing to remember- put safety first and get help from an expert if you have any doubts about what you’re doing.

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