How to Clean Bathroom with Pine Sol (Most Effective Methods)

Are you looking for an easy and effective way to clean your bathroom? If so, then you should definitely try using pine sol. This household cleaning product can clean most bathroom surfaces, including the toilets, bathtub, floor, and shower.

But how would you do that? For which thing will you use the pine sol and how?

Well, in this blog, I will make you go through the process of how to clean bathroom with pine sol. I will ensure you can clean all the surfaces inside the bath room using this cleaner effectively.

Here I will show you the easiest and most effective way to use pine sol for cleaning your bathroom. So let’s get started!

How to Clean Bathroom with Pine Sol


Since you have several surfaces inside the bathroom to clean, you cannot use pin sol in the same way for every surface. So, it’s important to learn on which surface you have to use pin sol in which way. That’s why follow the complete guideline and find the method you were looking for.

Ways to Use Pine Sol to Clean Bathroom

There may be several ways to use pine sol to clean the bath room. But I am going to show you the methods that are most effective and easy to follow.

For your better understanding, I will show you the ways separately that you can use this cleaner to clean different surfaces of your bathroom.

Remember that cleaning the toilet, bathtub, floor, and shower is not the same as the germs, bacteria, soap scum, mold, mildew, dirt, and grime on these surfaces.

Supplies You Need to Clean

  • Pine Sol (of course)
  • Bucket
  • Toilet Cleaner Brush
  • Plain Water Warm
  • Water Gloves
  • Clean Cloth
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Chamois Mop
  • Push Broom/Hard
Supplies You Need to Clean

Cleaning Bathroom Tile Floors

Cleaning your bathroom tile floors using Pine Sol is very easy and effective. All you have to do now is follow some simple instructions, and you will be able to clean your bathroom tile floors in no time.

The first and foremost thing is to collect a bucket and fill it with a gallon of water and 1/4 cup of pine sol. Stir it, and your solution is ready to use.

Now, use a chamois mop, soak it into the mixture and wipe down the tile floors. If your bathroom has a textured tile floor, then you can use an old toothbrush to get into the grout lines and clean them properly.

Well, if you have a dirty floor, don’t forget to change the water solution often to prevent dirt and grime from spreading.

Finally, rinse the area with plain water using the chamois mop. Once you clean the tile floors, take a dry cloth and wipe down the floor to buff dry the area.

And that’s it! Your bathroom tile floors are clean, and they smell amazing too! Thanks to Pine Sol.

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Cleaning the Toilet with Pine Sol

Pine Sol is an acidic cleaner, and that’s why using it for cleaning toilets is a great idea. You may find it a bit challenging if you have never used this cleaner to clean the toilet. But trust me, once you get used to it, you will find it the easiest task ever.

You have to use full-strength pine sol to clean toilet bowls and urinals. You first need to pour a generous amount of this cleaner around the bowl and let it sit for a few minutes. You can also use spray bottles for spraying such cleaning products.

Now scrub the toilet bowl from the inside using a toilet cleaner brush. You will see that all the dirt and grime will start coming off easily. Once you are done with scrubbing, flush the toilet so that all the cleaner goes down the drain.

Now take a bucket and fill it with a gallon of water. Then pour 1/4 cup of pine sol in it and mix it properly. It’s time to wear gloves, though you can wear them earlier.

However, take a cloth and soak it in the solution. Then start cleaning outside the toilet, like the seat and lid. Wipe it down thoroughly, so no dirt or grime is left behind.

Finally, take a clean cloth and some warm water to wipe down the entire toilet so the cleaner is removed completely.

Cleaning Showers and Walls

You can also clean the shower area and walls using pine sol. But before cleaning, clear out all the shampoo, soap, and other items from the shower. It will help you to clean every corner of the shower area easily.

Now, take a bucket and mix 1/8 cup of pine sol with 1/2 gallon of warm water. Then using a sponge, apply this solution to the shower area. Start from the top and then move to the bottom.

Clean the whole area, including shower heads, drains, walls, doors, and others. You can also take the help of a spray bottle. For removing any tough mineral deposits, use undiluted pine sol directly on it.

Finally, wash the area immediately with water. And wipe dry the area with a clean microfiber cloth. Ensure you don’t leave the cleaner too long on surfaces like porcelain and others because it might damage the material.

Cleaning the Bathtub

If you are looking for an effective and easy way to clean your bathtub, then using Pine Sol is the best option for you. But how would you do that? Let’s have a look at it.

First, stop the drain and fill the tub with two gallons of warm water. Then add half a cup of pine sol and mix it well. After that, scrub the tub using a scrub brush or sponge.

Rub every corner of the tub, including the faucets. If you find any stubborn stains, use full-strength pine sol directly over the area and scrub properly to remove them. Now, let it sit for five minutes.

After five minutes, drain the tub and wash the area with a water rinse. And that’s it! Your bathtub is now clean and sparkling.

Cleaning Other Items in the Bathroom Using Pine Sol

Cleaning Other Items in the Bathroom

Besides the area mentioned above, there are other things to clean inside the bathroom. So, if you have them in your bathroom too, then follow these:

Trash Can: It’s really very easy to clean a trash can using Pine Sol. Just take a clean cloth and pour a generous amount of pine sol into it.

Now, use that cloth and scrub the trash can’s entire surface (inside and outside). It’s safe to do so if you rinse it with water after each use and allow it to air dry.

Sink: The process of cleaning the sink using Pine Sol is similar to that of cleaning the bathtub. Just stop the drain and fill it with warm water. Mix 1/4 cup of this cleaner with per gallon of water.

Now, use a scrubber or sponge to scrub the entire surface of the sink. Follow it with rinsing the sink with water.

Concrete Counter: First, quickly sweep the area to remove dust and clutter. Then fill a bucket with warm water and dilute it with 1/4 cup of pine sol.

Use a push broom or dip the hard scrubbing brush to scrub the counter and deep clean it. Finally, hose down the area with water and let it air dry.

But if you have light or colored concrete, test an inconspicuous area with the solution before using it on the main area.

Mirror: The thing we cannot unsee after entering the bathroom is the reflection of ourselves in the mirror. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t clean it. In fact, cleaning the mirror is very easy using pine cleaner. You just need to take a microfiber cloth and pour some diluted pine sol into it.

Now, wipe down the surface of the mirror using that cloth. Don’t forget to buff dry the mirror using paper towels. That’s it! Your bath room mirror is clean now and will give you a clear reflection.

Note: It would be best for you if wear gloves while cleaning with pine sol


You are not allowed to use pine sol on copper, aluminum, and marble surfaces. You cannot also use it on unsealed, waxed, oiled, or visibly worn wood surfaces. So, if your bathroom has any of these materials, don’t use this strong cleaner on them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does Pine-Sol Clean Grout?

Since you can use pine sol for cleaning tiles floors, it also helps clean the grout. Make sure to use a toothbrush to scrub the pine sol into the grout. You don’t need to rinse it off afterward because the smell of pine would make your bathroom smell nice and fresh.

Q: Can You Pour Pine-Sol Down the Drain?

Yes, you can. In fact, it’s a great way to wash your bathroom sink and drain. Simply pour ½ cup of Pine-Sol down the drain, then run hot water for 30 seconds. Doing this weekly will help keep your sink and drain clean and smelling fresh.

Q: What Can You Do with Leftover Pine-Sol?

Pine sol is one of the water-soluble strong cleaning agents. So, if you are left with some diluted pine sol while cleaning, just pour it down the drain. It will help in cleaning the drain and prevent clogging. This cleaner is not only good for cleaning but also for disinfecting. So, if you are using it for cleaning the bathroom, it will also disinfect the area.

Q: Why Does Pine-Sol smell so Good?

Pine Sol is made with real pine, and that’s why it smells so darn good. It also has essential oil to work as a fragrance. That’s why it smells so good, and all its flavors have a fresh and nice smell.

Wrap Up

So, if you’re looking for an effective and easy way to wash your bathroom, look no further than pine sol. It can be used to clean almost every item in your bathroom. And the best thing is that it doesn’t require fancy equipment or chemicals. Just a little pine sol, water, and elbow grease are all you need to get the job done.

Hopefully, this article was helpful for you. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment below. I would love to hear from you.

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