How Long Does It Take to Tile a Shower?

Shower tiling may revitalize bathroom, but the burning question is, “How long will take to tile a shower?” The solution is not straightforward since various factors is playing behind this. The schedule is influenced by the size of the project, experience, and the materials one chooses.

A simple shower tiling project may take a seasoned DIYer around 2-3 days, including prep and curing time. Larger or more sophisticated projects may take a week or more to complete depending on factors like size of tile, shower expertise level etc.

We will discuss the factors that affect shower installation and provide suggestions for shortening the process. This article will be useful whether you are a DIY enthusiast or just someone searching for suggestions.

How Long Does It Take to Tile a Shower

Factors that Affect Installing Tile a Shower

There are a number of variables that might impact the tile installation procedure in a shower:

Shower Size

The size of the shower affects how long it will take to build. Tiles are needed more for larger showers, which means it will take longer to install them and apply grout.

Tile Dimensions

The size of the tiles you select might affect how long it takes to install them. Larger tiles cover more space with each installation, possibly accelerating the procedure. On the other hand, installing smaller or mosaic tiles could be more difficult and take longer.

Grout Type

The kind of grout used, and its consistency can have a big impact on how long it takes to install anything. While epoxy grouts may need accuracy yet offer greater durability, rapid setting grouts dry more quickly.

Drying Time

Both adhesive and grout must have adequate drying time. Rushing through this process might result in displaced tiles or a subpar finish. Drying periods can also be influenced by climate and humidity.

Professional vs. Do-It-Yourself

Due to their knowledge and skill, hiring a professional may save time and assure a high-quality installation. Even though they are less expensive, DIY projects might take longer, especially if you’re learning as you go.

Tile Layout and Design Complexity

The time required for installation might vary depending on the tile pattern and design complexity selected. It takes more effort and accuracy to create elaborate patterns with complex cuts and layouts.


It is important to do the necessary preparations, which include waterproofing, leveling the base, and cleaning the surface. Problems during installation might result from hurrying or skipping these stages.

Professional Time Management

If you employ a pro, their schedule and availability may have an influence on when the job starts and how quickly it is finished.

How Long Does It Take to Tile a Shower?

The amount of time it takes to tile a shower can vary based on some factors. Those factors are:

Factors that Affect Installing Tile a Shower

Shower Size

1.Tiny/Mini Shower

The installation of tiles in showers between seven and ten square feet in size requires 2 to 3 hours on average. Bear in mind that you will need to allow for curing and drying time.

2.Typical/Average Shower

A sized shower that ranging from 12 to 15 feet usually requires about 3 to 4 hours to complete the whole tile work.

3.Large Shower

If you have a shower that exceeds the size and measures around 16 to 20 feet or even larger expect the tile installation alone to take around 4 to 6 hours or more.

Project Scope

The size and complexity of the shower influence the time a lot. A small straightforward shower may take a day while larger or more intricate designs can extend the timeline.


Level of expertise is important. Experienced individuals may work faster because they are familiar, with the process while beginners might take longer especially if they are learning as they go.


Adequate preparation is crucial including steps like waterproofing leveling the substrate and cleaning the surface. Ignoring these steps can cause delays and complications during installation.

Tile Layout

The chosen tile layout has an impact, on installation time well. More intricate designs often require planning and precise execution.

There are other factors too to consider when estimating how long it will take to tile a shower, but these factors play an important role behind it.

Tips to Reduce Time of Tile a Shower Installation

Tips and techniques can help us to reduce time of tile a shower installation. Below we will discuss upon this:

Tips to Reduce Time of Tile a Shower Installation

Planning Process

To speed up the installation of shower tiles while maintaining high quality results it’s important to take an approach. The first step is planning. Make measurements of your shower area decide on the tile layout beforehand and create a checklist of all the materials you’ll need. Putting in this effort will save you time. Prevent any last-minute issues.

Tiles Choosing

Choosing tiles can also help you save time. They cover space with each placement reducing installation time compared to smaller tiles that require meticulous positioning one, by one. Moreover, consider cutting tiles for areas with intricate cuts or complex patterns. This preparation can significantly accelerate the installation process.

Using Tile Spacers

Achieving uniform spacing between tiles is vital for a finish. By using tile spacers, you can ensure spacing. Maintain a straight layout without having to make time consuming adjustments or corrections later on.

Setting Rapid Mortar

When it comes to adhesives opt for setting mortar. This type of dries faster allowing you to start grouting and saving a significant amount of time. Speaking of grout, it is more convenient to use mixed grout instead of making your own. This does not save time. Also ensures consistent results without any variations, in the grout mixture.

Break down Work Section

To enhance efficiency, break down your tasks into chunks. By focusing on one task at a time and making progress you can avoid feeling overwhelmed. If possible consider working with a partner. This way you can apply glue with one hand while setting tiles with the hand effectively reducing installation time.

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Estimate Cost to Tile a Shower

According to various sources and reports, the price of tiling a shower of a certain size can range from $1,000 to $3,000, or around $8 to $18 per square foot.

Besides, the choice of materials will have an impact, on the cost. Depending on your preferences and the type of tiles you select for your bathroom the price of the tiles themselves can vary. On the other hand, Do-it-Yourself or applying DIY formula, one can save a huge amount of cost than hiring a professional or expert.


Can you tile a shower in one day?

The timeframe, for tiling a shower depends on factors, such as the size of the shower your level of expertise and the type of tiles being used. Smaller showers with tile layouts may be manageable for experienced installers to finish within a day. However, larger showers or projects with designs typically require time often spanning multiple days to ensure a high-quality end result.

How hard is it to tile a bathroom shower?

Tiling a bathroom shower can range from difficult to complex depending on your skill level and the extent of the project. Having tiling skills pay attention to detail and plan properly.

If you are new to tiling, you should start with projects first in order to gain experience before taking on a shower installation. Designs, precise cuts and waterproofing procedures require greater expertise.

Should I apply waterproofing to the shower walls before tiling?

It is essential to waterproof the shower walls before tiling. The purpose of waterproofing is to protect the underlying structure prevent water from seeping behind the tiles and inhibit the growth of mold and mildew.

You can achieve this by using membranes applying a coating, on cement board or utilizing other suitable methods. This crucial step ensures the integrity and longevity of your shower installation.

Is it necessary to waterproof shower walls to tiling?

It is highly recommended to waterproof your shower walls before starting the tiling process. Waterproofing plays a role in safeguarding your shower against water damage and maintaining its overall quality.

By preventing water from penetrating behind the tiles you can prevent issues. Mitigate any mold related concerns. Adequate attention, to this aspect will contribute significantly to a long-lasting shower project.


In a nutshell, tiling a shower is a gratifying interior design that may enhance the appearance of your shower.  While it offers the ability to improve both aesthetics and usefulness, the time necessary to finish the project will depend on factors such as project size, tile type, and your degree of experience.

To achieve a successful shower tiling, it is imperative to properly plan, prepare, and adhere to best practices. Understanding how numerous elements impact the schedule and using time saving tactics will help you attain your target output effectively, whether you are a DIY enthusiast or contemplating assistance.

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